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13 Responses to About

  1. khalid niazi says:

    i love great niazi afghans all over the world. and wish they live prosperous life.isakhelvis are the great niazis. they are elders of all niazis.i am from afghanistan

    • qamar niazi says:

      khalid khan niazai it realy hurts me that niazais of afghanistan have not come up in any walk of life in their homeland i.e afghanistan.They are unknown and uninfluenciel.Its time they should wake up and meet the challenges by regaining the past glory

    • muhammad rafi ullah khan niazi says:

      I am sure that niazis everywhere are doing well.
      One suguestion is that we should inform each other about our whereabouts so we can help each other. Please do some thing through this site to make us more closer and make it possible to co-ordinate with each other.
      My name is Muhammad Rafi Ullah Khan Niazi,i belong to an ESA KHEL tribe, Lunger KHEL, half of our family is settled in Tehsil Jaranwala Dist. Faisalabad. I am working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia
      as a project manager my telephone no. in 00966504763098.

  2. Zafar Niazi says:

    Hi Jamal bro. This website is good. I wanna upload some pictures of Isa khel but there is no option for viewers/members to upload some pictures or videos of their own interests. And there is nothing about education in Isakhel.( about schools and colleges).

  3. muhammad azam khan says:

    Lt.Genral Shamas ur rehman kallue who was the corps comonder of mangla and ex dg.isi was also belongs to isa khail plz add him

  4. Bashir khan Niazi says:

    I m very serious about to construct a bridge on river indus which will be very helpful and it minimize the distance between isakhel and mianwali
    I hope you also raise that point and this website provide a platform to share our views for the benifit of isakhel

  5. Ahmed khan Niazi says:

    I love this site,It will serve as a bridge between all the niazis from all over the world specially from afghanistan…I am from Borikhel….I hope you will keep it up…..tnx

  6. Aslaam o Alikum!

    It’s first time i am visiting this site. Admin your efforts are commendable. Definitely we Isakhelvi have the noble traditions and family values. More than others we care each other its also a prove. I mostly think why today we are a part from our tribes even our families. I got evaluation that when personal weapons and machines (specially agricultural) comes our Chowks/Deray desolated. I miss you my forefathers. I am ashamed, we forget your stories of bravery and Lories. Here is more much to say but nothing will be came back and i die adrift. I request to all Isakhelvi sply Niazi record that lorees and stories and share that assets. Populate your CHOWKS too.

  7. every niazi comes from afhanistan and my family is come from kandahar afghanistan i love every afhans brother and essa kheel peoples my paikhel and every niazis

  8. I’m from Trag, living in Islamabad. But we are well connected with Trag. I have always thought of doing work for the betterment of our Tehsil and our Tribe. And I really appreciate your efforts in this regard. It’s my pride to be a part of it.

  9. saif khan niazi says:

    ITs a great honor to be part of this prestigious family. Long live Isa khel.

  10. i love the land of mianwali now i live in karachi doing own work .

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