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Beautiful Sunset at River Indus


A View of the beautiful colors of sunset at River Indus. Photo taken near Jalalpur.

Construction of Ahsan-Maqbool Preventive Earthen Bund at River Kurrum


After thorough analysis of water flow, “Ahsan-Maqbool Bund” was constructed at a location, on River Kurrum with the following features: Length: 2900-fts (1 Km app) Average height: 7-fts Width Bottom: 55~60-fts Width Top: 20~25-fts Material Used: 8-9 lacs feet approx

Isa Khel Railway Station

A View from Isa Khel Railway Station

At the bank of River Indus, Isakhel


A beautiful sight at Jalalpur, Isakhel. Taken by Jamal Ahsan Khan Niazi.

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